Numerous factors create conflict in our lives which impact everything from our perception of the world to our interaction with those around us.

 My practice seeks to help individuals of all ages  improve their ability to manage internal and external conflict using a combination of strategies drawn from several evidenced-Based practice approaches including: MINDFULNESS-BASED COGNITIVE THERAPy, CBT, Solution-Focused therapy, systems Theory.


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Children and Adolescents

Special Education, Learning Disabilities,  Behavioral Issues, ADD/ADHD, Depression, Anxiety,  Adjustment to Divorce, Anger, ODD, Asperger's, Transition to College/Work

Couples and Families

Marital Conflict, Depression, Anxiety, Parenting Issues, Grief, Adjustment Issues, Communication Skills, School Conflict, Forgiveness, Couples and Family Therapy 


Anxiety, Depression, Adult and Child ADD/ADHD, Grief, Adjustment Issues, Family Conflict, Anger Management, Educational Issues